After 23 years of training athletes and building a successful business I have learned that each day we have 2 options;

  1. Fit in to others beliefs
  2. Show up for your beliefs

Here is the thing I learned…

Achieving your dreams requires you to SHOW UP for yourself. 

When I started my business my friends and family thought I was crazy….

They wanted me to fit in… 

I had a choice

Fit in to their beliefs, OR show up for my beliefs! 

I chose my beliefs and THE REST IS HISTORY

In 1998 I started training PK, Seguin, Skinner, Toffoli, Bolland and so many others… 

These players had a choice

Fit in to others beliefs, OR show up for their beliefs! 

These players chose to SHOW-UP for their beliefs…. The rest is HISTORY!

Here is the truth no one has told you; 

You can be GREAT or you can fit in… but you can’t do both

BEFORE I go any further, I need to tell you this…

Showing up is hard.  I make it sound easy…. AND IT’S NOT!  

Trust me, I made so many mistakes, some of them almost broke me….


I want to teach you how to avoid the mistakes I made!

Check out this video, I show you how I overcame my fears, failures and set backs, and continued to SHOW UP!

When I started my journey I was afraid to show up.


I feared that my failures would be more than I could handle…

When I was 27 years old, I never thought I could succeed, 

And although I almost gave up (a few times)… 

and in my darkest times, I SHOWED UP…

One day at a time….. and  

23 years later I am grateful for all the challenges, set backs, and failures, I faced

Because they taught me how to SHOW UP! 

I win over and over in my life, because I SHOW UP…. (Especially when I’M AFRAID)

I want to teach you how I pushed through and SHOWED UP in my darkest hour in my new video 

Check it out and drop a comment with how you show up in the face of struggle. We all could use it.

Have a phenomenal Day 

Your friend

Coach DanB

PS: I’m here for you when you are ready to SHOW UP for you! 

I’m here to help you the same way I’ve helped some of the biggest names in the game.

I host The Pillars of Greatness Coaching Program where I teach hockey players how to turn their fears, failures and pressures into powerful success stories! I would love to work with you to help you write your powerful success story! 

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