This is going to be short, and to the point.   

Hockey players fail to achieve, because they are more invested in  ‘the system’ than they are in ‘their process’    Plain and Simple!  

Most hockey players (and their families) are more invested in the system, that swirls around them, than they are their own process to succeed!

The System vs. Your Process – What’s the diff!?

The System = the things out of your control

Your Process = the things you can control

After 23 years of helping hockey players turn their fears, failures, and pressures into powerful success stories, I can tell you players spend significantly more time and energy looking at the things outside of their control rather than the things within their control.

Reality is, over the course of your playing career you will come across good and bad coaches, good and bad teams, good and bad officiating, and you will almost certainly be treated unfairly at some point. How you react to these moments, will matter more than these moments themselves. 

Proof is in the pudding

When you allow the behaviors and actions of others to control you and dictate your actions, you become a slave to the system which almost always leads to failure! 

However, when you follow your process and focus on what you can control, you can rise above the challenges and setbacks along your path which will help you get closer to your dreams. 

It’s very simple; focus on what you can control, or focus on what’s out of your control! 

Now it’s your turn – Build your process that is unique to you, and STOP giving THE SYSTEM your energy and attention!

The game of hockey is filled with hills, valleys and plateaus, and staying focused on your process, keeps you moving forward in the direction of your dreams.  #Booyah


  1. List 3 things you can do today (NOT tomorrow, NOT next week, NOT next month) that will help you and your game grow?

Maybe you need to train harder? Maybe you need to find a better coach for next season? Maybe you need to be a better brother, sister, son or daughter?  Maybe you need to be kinder to yourself and to others?  Maybe you need to get up earlier to win your day?  I don’t know what you need to do, BUT YOU DO! 

If you don’t make YOUR process YOUR priority, NO ONE else will! 

Food for thought;

Players with a process that’s bigger than the system, stand atop of the mountain with their arms held high. 

Players who allow the system to be bigger than their process, stand at the bottom of the mountain cheering the players at the top!


Have fun


Coach DanB


Which one did you choose? Send me DM on IG @DanWBlackburn and let me know 

I look forward to hearing from you, and always, remember you are NOT ALONE. I’m in your corner with you.