Players, parents and coaches looking for tools to take their game, or their player’s games to a new level often ask me this question; Dan, what is the 1 – thing my son/daughter can do to stay motivated and on track with their hockey dreams?

Here is one of my answers; ACCEPTANCE! Yup, I said acceptance!

Look, I don’t know what your (your child’s/teams) dreams are, and with over two decades of helping hockey players build powerful success stories, the players who accept themselves completely are the ones that achieve the most.

Acceptance helps you cut through the noise and get to the real you! Until you are willing to do this, you will pretend things are ok, avoid the things you need to work on and discount the things you do best!

Still reading? Ok, let’s go….

I know something about you; you/they have strengths and weaknesses! And here is the thing, both are gifts that can transform your game, BUT, only when you are willing to look at weaknesses and strength, acknowledge them and own them!

  1. Look at them – Put them on them table, out in the open, for you and others you trust to see
  2. Acknowledge them – No more hiding and pretending they don’t exist
  3. Own them – Without blaming others, you take responsibility for them

Mom, Dad, coach, feel free to do this exercise too! Asking your son/daughter/players to alongside you is a great gift for them and YOU!

Here is what MOST hockey players do

In over 2 – decades of helping hockey players, MOST of them focus ONLY on the strengths, while avoiding the developing their weaknesses…AND THIS strategy rarely (and by rarely, I mean I’ve never seen it work) helps players achieve.

Okayyyy, So now what?

Focus on your strengths and weaknesses equally! Remember, both are gifts!

I have led hockey players and hockey teams through the ACCEPTANCE exercise for over 2 – decades, with AMAZING individual and team results. Every. Single. Time!

Think of the acceptance exercise as the Zamboni clearing all the excuses and blaming off your ice. Once you tell yourself YOUR trust and clear the noise and distractions, and look at your truths, you can create whatever you want!

Ok, here we go!

  • Write down 3 – things you accept about yourself. These can be strengths, weaknesses or a combination of both. (As long as you were telling yourself your truth)
  • Once you’ve identified these, commit to three things you can do for each one, in order to take your gifts (acceptances) to a new level

I.e.: If you identify one of your strengths as a 9/10, what can you do to take it to a 9.1, 9.4, or a 9.7/10
If you identify one of your weaknesses as a 4/10, what can you do to take it to a 4.5/10, 6/10, 7/10?

It’s that simple…. And it may not be easy!

Take your time and repeat this as often as you want…. And remember, when you accept yourself you unlock YOUR GIFTS!

Look, there are things you do incredibly well and there are things that you need to work on, we all do, so instead of being hard on yourself or blaming others for what you aren’t getting, ACCEPT all of YOURSELF and watch you and your game go to the next level! #Booyah

Lastly, I’d love to celebrate with you! Slide into my IG DM’s @DanWBlackburn and share one way acceptance has helped you and your game go to a new level.

I look forward to hearing from you, and always, remember you are NOT ALONE. I’m in your corner with you.

Have fun

Coach DanB
If you’re looking for a high performance coach to help you reach your hockey dreams, AND help you LOVE the journey as much as the goals you are chasing, then maybe I’m your guy.

I truly believe the 2 are connected!

Your personal JOY affects your game and Vice Versa.

What kind of coach would I be if I didn’t recognize the value of that balance?

Jump on a call with me and we’ll figure out where you and your game are headed and how I CAN HELP YOU GET THERE!