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testimonials HalThe hardest person to convince is the one looking back at you in the mirror, that person is never
fooled. The Pillars of Greatness program will allow you to look at that mirror with total confidence.”

Hal Johnson
Co-Founder of “BodyBreak”


testimonials James

“Dan Blackburn can help anyone who is willing to take the journey
to live a legendary life! He’s amongst the best in the world!”

James Dentley
Business and Wealth Development Expert




Matt Viola

Dan Blackburn is a Champion Maker. Dan works with Top Level Athlete’s and he works with us to bring our minds into the Top 1% Winning Mindset. It works and Dan is A Champion Maker.  BOOYAH!

Ernest Thomas Hamilton

“Dan Blackburn, thanks for the tears, today. Thought I was truly introspective, but your session at the Business Wealth Summit, this morning, reminded me that it’s a never ending process.  #Blessyou! I”m the founder of Successiory (Inc), a social media company. Honoured to spread the word.


Dan Blackburn’s 66 Day Challenge is incredible! I am a new person equipped with the blueprint I need to live a Legendary Life! My business is growing faster, I have many new clients. I fell more confident. I deal with stressful situation in a much more effective way.  I am a Better version of me.  I have what I need to achieve my biggest dreams! Words can’t express how grateful I am for this program. Thank you Dan, you are truly a master at what you do!

Caroline Claudia Plante

Dan Blackburn, you did an awesome job yesterday..first time seeing you on stage.  And YES I made my bed today.

Jabbir Chawala

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