Sometimes you aren’t making any progress; you are barely making any progress at all

And that tough situation is making you want to stop

And what you’ll eventually learn is that you cannot stop… 

When you are going through tough situations, you must take that next step. 

You have to keep moving forward 

I know we are going through tough situation… in a lot of different ways… keep moving forward… take that next step

Every step forward is progress…. 


When you look back at where you have come from you will SEE PROGRESS!

Don’t bow down in the face of the tough times…

Stand up. RISE….

And move forward…


Your Coach


PS: You have a success story inside of you that hasn’t been written yet!

Don’t give up because you haven’t written it yet!

For 23 years I have helped hockey players find their powerful success story in the face of their tough times; and I can help you too! 

Each month I coach a group of amazing hockey players writing their stories and in The Pillars of Greatness Program and I’d love to help you find your success story.  

I don’t know what you are going through… and I can assure you, I’ve seen it all and I can help you write your powerful success story! 

Are you ready to write your powerful success story?

You are closer than you think… You are closer than you realize.