Players AAA or higher

Are you looking to take your game to AAA or higher? Looking to make that perfect team, and get the opportunities you deserve?

If you have the skills, some support and the drive to achieve, this is where you’ll discover how to dramatically improve your game through the D.P.E.A. growth engine:

– Dream
– Plan
– Execute
– Achieve

 As a member of POG Academy, you’ll learn the D.P.E.A  POG growth engine (dream. plan. execute. achieve). You’ll also get the strategies, resources, and coaching support you’ll need to easily and smoothly grow with confidence.


I only take on a few clients per year for one-on-one coaching. These are the players already at Junior, College and Pro levels who are looking to make powerful next steps: Current pro players looking to increase performances, Players looking to perform at the level they know they are capable of, next steps after getting drafted, or signing 1st pro contract, or creating the road map that propels them forward over the next phase of their career.


VIP Program for BTCA Members ONLY

Are you a member of The BTCA™ Program? In the Growth Accelerator you will gain Coach DanB support and leadership with maters that require dedicated attention and help you fast-track your results
This is for you if you are looking to:

– Build your Legendary Army
– Select the Perfect Coach and Team for you
– Discuss issues that you know are preventing you from achieving

When it comes to helping hockey players achieve fast, this is the perfect compliment to The BTCA™ Program