Since 1994 Dan Blackburn has been inspiring audiences with his powerful and engaging messages.
Whether it be to a group of students, professional athletes, parents, business owners or world champions,
Dan’s presence and ability to connect with his audience,
will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you with a new perspective.


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Corporate presentations longerFrom the locker room to the boardroom; what athletes taught me about sport, business and life.

Athletics serves as one of life’s greatest analogies. Driven to perform and succeed despite their circumstances and challenges, athletes are driven to win. From the boardroom to the locker room, teaches you how to think like a high performing athlete and get the results you want.

In this signature keynote address, Dan combines over 20 years of success in athletics and in business to teach you the 10 secrets high performers follow to get winning results.

– Secret # 1 – Develop unshakeable self-belief; above all else, high achieving athletes believe in themselves. Learn how to unlock your self-confidence and build an unshakeable self-belief.
– Secret # 2 Play to win – There is a belief that consistent winning is selfish, yet, we all want it! Learn how to take hold of your performances and create a respectful winning philosophy for you and your team. Big Dreams do come true!
– Secret # 3 Grow and WINNING happens – Life is dynamic. So are you. Learn how to develop the clarity and focus necessary to transform yourself and your team into champions.
– Secret # 4 Your PLAN – Failure to plan is a plan for failure. Whether it’s a spreadsheet, or game sheet, your plan paves the way to your personal and team success. Learn the essential components to a winning plan that will put you, your team and organization at the head of the pack.
– Secret # 5 LEGENDARY coaches – Every coach has something to teach, it just may not be what you need. Learn the 3 criteria to picking the BEST coaches for you.
– Secret # 6 – Honesty – The truth shall set you free! Athletes address their shortcomings, (yes, we all have them, including me and you), and never allow their weaknesses to slow them down. Learn how to identify an address your shortcoming and make hem a thing of the past
– Secret # 7 – Balance = Success – Balance in life, business and sport are essential to achieving success. Learn how to develop balance in all areas of your life, and become a champion.
– Secrets # 8 – Distractions are no match for you – Learn the rituals that will teach you how to shine in and through the distractions that slow you down.
– Secret # 9 – The art of Fulfillment – There is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM.’ Learn the art of fulfillment that comes from helping others win. When your team wins, you win!
– Secret # 10 – Community is your native state – You always play better for the home crowd! Understand the power of your extended family; including the ‘noisy villages’ where you feel your greatest sense of joy and where people don’t just watch you dance, they join in.


I look forward to meeting you and inspiring you, your team and your organization. Now is your time to train and perform like an athlete.

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Becoming a Legend

When you believe in you as much as you want others to believe in you, success finds you.

Building on his own experience, as well as training Olympic champions like PK Subban , 2x Stanley Cup and World Champion David Bolland and NHL Superstar Tyler Seguin, Dan developed a step-by-step program that has helped 1000’s learn how to Dream, Plan and Execute their way to a legendary life they dream of!

Offered as a keynote address to businesses, associations, and corporations, the curriculum teaches 3 life-transforming principles that will help you form a plan to shatter the fears and setbacks that have stopped you from creating the life you want. Trust me, I have seen it all, and I know that regardless of circumstances, environment or limitations, you can achieve.

“He who says he can and he who says he can’t, are both usually right.”    Confucius

The Power of Mindset- The warfare is in your mind. It’s not in the challenge, set backs or struggles along your path; your warfare is in your mind. Learn the steps to developing the mindset that fires up your creativity, skyrockets your results, motivates and inspires you when the world and the people around you question your possibilities.

We live and die TOGETHER – The outcome of your life, academics and business is determined by the strength of your environment and your contribution to it. Learn how to build an environment where success is not just a hopeful possibility, but an inevitability, so everything that surrounds you is geared toward achieving legendary results.

Does your commitment fit your dreams? – Never question your commitment; question your actions! Learn how to develop a clear and focused world-class commitment that immediately helps you make your personal and team goals a reality.

Skills, effort and talent are important it’s the intangibles that help you and your team become legends.  Bring Dan to your team or event and learn how to become a legend.  You won’t be his first world champion, and you could be the next!



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Dan Blackburn is a dad, coach, published author, and keynote speaker.

In addition to his coaching and philanthropic endeavors, Dan is an award-winning speaker who has addressed world champions, CEO’s, professional athletes, academic institutions and professional athletes. Humber College nominated Dan for their annual Premiers award, and he received the Halton Women’s Centre annual ‘Men Who Make A Difference Award,’ and countless other coaching and leadership awards over his 20-year speaking career. A highly sought-after speaker, Dan’s energetic, and passionate style has been an inspiration to global audiences for over 20 years.

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