Today, I want to talk to you about the hard. If someone told you things would easy, they lied to you.

In 23+ years of coaching some of the games biggest stars, I guarantee you everyone fights through the hard!

These are a few reminders that help me get through the times when nothing feels easy!

  1. ACCEPT yourself for who you are! Change the things you want to change and do more of the things that are working for you!
  2. PARTICIPATE in our life. Be all of you, 100% of you! People will hate, people will criticize, and people will turn their backs on you, and never give up on the REAL YOU in favor of fitting in!
  3. CONTRIBUTE to yourself, and the people, places and things in your life. You have unique gifts within you; BIG AND SMALL, share all of them. Your gifts matter. Your gifts lift others up. Your gifts help you reach your dreams

There are so many hockey players who use these 3 simple reminders to shift from fear to confidence, from discouragement to self-belief and from pressures to relief.

Here’s what I ask of you today

Accept, Participate and Contribute to your journey.

Keep up your momentum…and remember

The journey is supposed to be hard….

And you have the ability to get through and grow!

Here’s to starting a movement; writing powerful success stories together as hockey players! #Booyah

Your Coach
PS: If you’re looking for a coach to help you move through the hard and teach you how to build your powerful success stories

I’d be happy to Jump on a call with you and learn more about you, your goals and dreams and discuss the best way I CAN HELP YOU GET THERE.