There is an instinct that you need to be on the lookout for. This instinct is a liar. This one is a backbiter. This one is a saboteur. This is the instinct that says you’ve had enough, it’s the instinct that says you’ve given it your best shot and you can stand down, you can back off, you can step away from your dreams, you can take a knee. This is the instinct that says it’s ok to settle, its ok to give up, to give in and to give way to the hard, its ok to give in to the difficult and its ok to give into the challenge. This is the instinct that says it’s ok to stop, it’s ok to rest now… and this is the instinct that is your defense mechanism, it wants to give you an out, a place to run to. This is the instinct that keeps you from getting what you want, keeps you away from where you want to be and keeps your dreams and goals out of your reach AND this is the instinct you need to defy, you need to fight back against, and you need to smash into oblivion.

YOU ARE IN CHARGE! Don’t listen to that instinct. That instinct is a liar and wants to bring you down! 

There is another instinct, and this other instinct is called ACCEPTANCE; and this instinct tells you the truth. This instinct reveals your greatness! This instinct knows YOU can do what other people are NOT willing to do. ACCEPTANCE defeats the hard, not just once in a while but every time you step up to it, because ACCEPTANCE knows the fight isn’t against any opponent, it’s a fight against yourself.  Acceptance knows when you refuse to give up, when you resist giving in and you stand up to your challenges, YOU are telling your saboteur you will NO LONGER give in to the easy … and instead, you trust in YOUR truth. The truth that you can weather any storm and you will prevail!  The truth that YOU have greatness within you, and YOUR GREATNESS is the greatest comeback power known to mankind! Acceptance teaches you a new way of being. Acceptance tunes out the lies and smashes the stories that have kept you small!  Acceptance teaches you that no matter how hard things may seem, you have the strength, you have the will, and you have the greatness to rise over and over again! Acceptance leads you, and stays by your side through every fight, reminding you that every battle is a step in the direction towards your dreams, because acceptance reminds you of your truth; you are a warrior, YOU ARE GREATNESS and you are stronger than your challenges, the fears, and the pressures that you are under. Acceptance teaches you that powerful success stories are written on the other side of the hard, and reminds you that just because you haven’t written yours yet, doesn’t mean you won’t!

DO NOT take the easy way out. You must train the instinct of ACCEPTANCE.  When you choose this instinct, you can overcome anything that stands in YOUR path! 

Tomorrow, when you rise, you have the freedom to choose; Give UP to the lies OR ACCEPT the truth? 

Choose wisely my friend, choose wisely!

Have a phenomenal day!

I’m here for you!


Coach DanB


When I started my journey in 1997, I was listening to my other instinct, and the moment I chose ACCEPTANCE, my life changed… and in that change I saw, felt and experienced my greatness. This was my turning point.  Still to this day both instincts visit me, and I have trained myself which one to listen to, and on the rare occasion I give in to the other instinct, I’m able to see it and make the shift.  

I share this with you to let you know you are not alone in the fight between these 2 instincts.  We all have this fight going on. 

Choose ACCEPTANCE one day at a time and you will see, feel and experience your greatness too, the same way I DO!  #Booyah

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