Your Character

It’s not the title that makes you 

It’s not the success that makes you 

It’s the character that defines YOU

Your character defines the success 

CHAMPIONSHIPS are not WON in the arena 

They are won in the thousands of hours in the training room

In your food choice

In the 5 AM runs, when it’s raining 

It happens when you are working, while everyone else is sleeping 

It’s how you hold yourself accountable to the small things of life 

It’s knowing that your character builds the winning blocks for the things that you’ll be remembered for

It’s knowing when your name is attached to it, you do it right 

With the best of your ability, every single time

It’s how you hold yourself and how you see yourself

It’s what you do when no one‘s watching 

It’s when you care more about your character than any title

When you do that, I guarantee you, 

YOU will WIN everytime!

It begins NOW!