PARTICIPATING in your life is your choice and your responsibility!

Each time you show up with your uniqueness, differentness and individuality you show the world who you are

If you want to achieve something, you WILL BE REQUIRED to show all of you to the world

including the things people criticize, laugh at you for, and call you names for…


You are NOT here to fit-in; you are here to stand out!

so, no matter what happens, KEEP SHOWING UP! 

You are here for your hopes, goals and dreams NOT for others opinions!

Keep showing up in the face of resistance and you will achieve! I Promise 

Stay Great!

Your Coach

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And I’m doing this now, more than ever… so whatever you are going through; I can help you write your success story! 

I know the game can be overwhelming, life can be overwhelming, and NO MATTER WHAT’S HAPPENING OR HOW YOU ARE FEELING I CAN help you get past these times back on track! 

I lead an amazing group of hockey players in The Pillars of Greatness Online Program and would love you to join us!

By joining us, you will learn the tools and strategies to overcome your frustrations and pressures 

and I will teach you how to beat the overwhelm and fears that consume you!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  I am here, right in your corner! 

Join me and I’ll show you how to get back on track!