a Dad, a Coach, an Author and the founder of NTC Hockey.  He is an award winning and TEDx speaker… 

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In 2019, Dan was a semi-finalist for the NHL’s Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award.  He has been featured on Breakfast Television, Toronto.com, NHL Network, FOX Sports and recently on: 

For over 20 years Dan has been teaching hockey players the skills, habits and rituals to build mental resilience, the winners mindset and success in hockey and life.


“As a young man, I felt virtually invincible when envisioning my success. I worked hard and focused intently on my dreams. As I grew older and ventured into the ‘real world’, I began to lose my drive and allowed fear to stop me in my tracks.

I found myself failing over and over again until one day I hit rock bottom: I was jobless, living in a room I rented from a friend with no savings or business experience: struggling in my personal relationships and finding NO support from my family: and too afraid to ask anyone for help.

I realized then that if I was ever going to succeed, I needed more than just a dream and the willingness to work hard. I needed a plan and the commitment to execute regardless of challenges and fears.  The realization transformed me from a dreamer into a DOER and was the genesis for what would eventually become my life mantra: Dream. Plan. Execute.”  Dan Blackburn


To date, Dan Blackburn has trained thousands of athletes, including champions:

  • PK Subban of the New Jersey Devils
  • David Bolland (formerly Chicago Blackhawks)
  • Tyler Sequin of the Dallas Stars


Building on his own experience, as well as training champions Dan Blackburn developed the Pillars of Greatness curriculum.  A Step-by-Step process on how to Dream, Plan and Execute the life you want. He has also conducted keynote series for schools, associations, corporations and clubs.

This curriculum teaches 3 Life-Transforming Principles that will help you form a plan to shatter the fears and setbacks that have stopped you from creating the life you want.  Regardless of circumstances, environment or limitations, you can achieve and…

The Pillars of Greatness shows you how! 

Coaches can see what you cannot

For 25 years, Dan Blackburn has been coaching and inspiring youth, business owners, executives, world champions and Stanley Cup Winning athletes using his advanced strategies.

His Elite 1:1 Coaching provides focus and leadership to help athletes develop their PLAN and reach their dreams.

It is only for those athletes who are looking for lasting change and want to consistently produce fulfilling results.  Due to the nature of this limited program, you must submit your name here so we can advise you once a spot becomes available.

What Others Say

Louise Tyrrell – Mother of Spencer Green
Dan helped grow our son, Spencer’s, confidence and he is no longer looking at life as a glass half empty and as a result, Spencer has come to believe in himself and his skills as a gifted athlete.  Dan Blackburn managed to establish a profoundly positively impact our sons mind, body, and soul.

Linda Taylor - Co Chair School Council Riverside Public School
All the grade 7 and 8’s loved your presentation – whoever inspired you – thanks Dan – you did great.

Teaching Hockey players the habits, rituals and skills to build mental resilience and success on and off the ice.