Free Content – “How Legends are Made”

Free Content

While speaking with a friend this afternoon, he commented on how much he enjoys my free content on these podcasts, social media and newsletters.  I thanked him, and then asked him what free content he was bringing every day.  He laughed and said, “I’m not a video kind of guy.”  I shrugged and said dude (Yes, I actually said dude) you bring free content everyday.  If you have experiences, suggestions, ideas, thoughts inside of you, and every time you don’t share (because you are shy, or don’t think people want to hear from you) your are withholding your free content.

You have gifts man!  Start sharing!

In today’s podcast, learn how you can start bringing you’re your free content and how you can start helping others be legendary!


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Your life is your choice. Choose to Dream Plan Execute yourself to a legendary life!  #BOOYAH